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  • Swimmers use nearly every muscle in their bodies while training
  • An hour of swimming will burn approximately 650 – 700 kcal, more than any other sports activity
  • The body suffers very little stress while swimming as the body is in a horizontal position, unlike almost all other sports where the body is in a vertical position. This highly influences blood pressure and heart work rate
  • Swimming reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes…etc
  • During resting periods between training, heart rate and blood pressure will decrease significantly
  • Swimming makes the body more flexible and stress proof

The biggest challenge with weight is not how you gain it; it’s how you manage it. While they are many ways of managing weight, swimming is known to be one of the most efficient cardiovascular exercises. This is because it involves your whole body.

In the weight loss program, we are more focused on aerobic swimming, type of exercises that require the largest muscle groups to work all the time. In spite of this, the technique will not be neglected, so it will include a wide range of drills that will help with both goals ( weight loss and technique improvement).

Session duration is between 60min and 90 min long. Distances will vary between 800m and 4500m , depending on swimmers’ capabilities and LEVEL.

An important thing to know about weight loss training is that you are trying to make your body use fat as a fuel for muscles. This process starts after approximately 30 – 40 minutes of exercise, when your body’s stores of carbohydrates are depleted. For this reason, the duration of a workout must be at least 1 hour long to achieve the goal.

One of the mistakes we make is to take up a program that worked for someone else and assume it will obviously work for us. Because of using these shortcuts without even consulting, we set ourselves up for frustrations. We feel demotivated because we think that something within us is wrong. No! The only wrong thing is that we want to fit in someone else’s skin while we know very well that it’s not possible.


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