Swimming Skill

The swimming skill program will cover all the areas of swimming. The bulk of the attention will be given to technique and physiology, but starts and turns won’t be neglected – they will also be included in every session.

The swimming skill category is for swimmers who are training for:
  • fitness
  • triathlon
  • open water
  • amateur competitions

It includes a wide range of drills for improving technique, diverse physiological sets ( e.g. aerobic, anaerobic, threshold, etc), and specific target sets for your development ( e.g. strength, explosiveness, etc.) With this method, we are sure you will get the best possible results from your training.

It is highly recommended that you train at least 2x per week , (preferably 3x or more) in order to maximize the effect of training combined with rest periods. Session duration is between 45 and 90 minutes long , depending on the number of sessions per week and swimmers level.
Distance varies between 800m and 4000m based on the same principles.

You are advised to use swimming gear such as kicking boards, hand paddles, pull buoys and snorkels.

Said equipment allows us to target specific areas such as arms, legs, etc.

The swimming skill program consists of five separate levels.


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