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Myswimmingplan.com levels are based on swimmers’ capabilities at the start of the program. It is normal and expected that your technique, strength, and endurance will improve after each training. Therefore, the most important thing is to accurately choose your starting point. Our objective is that every swimmer advance by one level every 3 months. This requires regular training and a complete stick-to-the-plan approach. When selecting criteria, I’ve used my knowledge and experience earned from coaching over 400 swimmers of all levels. Keep in mind that there will be constant progression throughout he training so the staring and ending point of each program will show a big difference.

  • Beginner / 50m any stroke12%
  • Advanced beginner / 50m front crawl or backstroke15%
  • Intermediate / 100m front crawl25%
  • Advanced / 200m front crawl50%
  • Fanatic / 400m front crawl100%


Beginner level is for people who can safely swim at least 50 meters using any stroke or equipment. Starting from basics, the program for this group will mostly contain shorter distances and longer rest periods. Distance covered will be between 800m at the beginning of the process and 1400m at the end. If you cannot perform techniques such as breaststroke and front crawl with your head in the water, this level is for you. Prepare for a lot of kicking with the board and body position drills. Strength and endurance are essential for this level.


Advanced beginner

Advanced beginner level is for swimmers who can swim at least 50 meters using front crawl or backstroke technique. The program will mostly consist of sessions between 1000m at the start, ending up with 1800m after a successful training period. Drills for all 4 strokes will be included along with the build-up sets.
Technical development is the most important area of this level.



Intermediate level requires a swimmer to be able to swim at least 100 meters using front crawl technique. At this level, key part will be technique development and stroke efficiency. Build-up sets will cover greater distances with moderate resting periods. The swimmer will start with sessions of 1200m and end up with sessions of 2000m.
Technical development, combined with endurance and speed will get the most attention in this level.



To be an advanced level you will have to be able to swim 200m or more using proper front crawl technique. The program will start with 1400m and end up with 2400m. Advanced means shorter rest periods, more intensity in build-up sets and of course, lots of technical drills.
Speed training will gain the most attention along with technical development and strength.



This level is for people who are familiar with swimming training process through experience. It is designed mostly for retired swimmers, triathlon participants or open water swimmers. The minimum requirement is to be able to swim at least 400m using front crawl technique. Distance covered will start from 2500m and end up with 4000m.
Speed, endurance, and strength are essential.

Our vision is that a swimmer that starts as a beginner, following the plan accurately, will reach Fanatic level in 15 months.

In case you are unsure which level is for you, we recommend that you simply test yourself in the pool, or contact us via email at any time.


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